Thank you Gregory,

You have bought a pack F, so you have received :

  • One PCB with all electronic components already soldered, GRBL already installed. The shield has been tested on my own K40 with my motorized bed.

It’s very important to follow carefully the chapter “Installation in K40” in this article :  link

Then you’ll have to install & configure Lightburn : link

After that, you will have to follow the steps for the first use in the K40 : link
In particular, if you DON’T have a motorized bed, please deactivate the homing of Z axis (instructions in the same article)

Finally, you’ll be able to connect your ESP32 to your wifi network following instructions here : Link

Please take the time to read all instructions to avoid damaging your K40 or your new shield 🙂

Thank you very much again !

Discord : Avataar120#7932