Thanks Michael,

You have bought a pack C, so you have received :

  • One PCB with all surface components already soldered (resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, SDCARD holder, …)
  • One ribbon cable connector
  • For the other components, please see BOM (Bill of material) list below

Please follow carefully the instructions to assemble your shield (sections assembly & installation) : Link

Then, you’ll need to install GRBL for ESP32 : Link

Then, install lightburn : link

And finally, follow carefully the first start-up : Link

Please take the time to carefully follow the steps to avoid to damage your shield or your machine !

Thank very much again 🙂


2Female header 2×20Connectique
6Female header 1×8Connectique
6Male header 1×4Connectique
1Male header 1×6Connectique
2Male header 1×8Connectique
3Male header 2×3Connectique
1Male header 2×6Connectique
22P screw terminalsConnectique
25V / 220V relaysRelay
1ESP32 – 38 PinsMicrocontroller