Thank you for purchasing the 4 axis version of my shield!!

You bought a pack of 4 drivers, so you received:

  • A fully equipped PCB, GRBL software already loaded and board tested on my machine

You will need to install and configure lightburn: Link to post

Then follow the assembly instructions to the letter in the article (installation part in the K40): Link to post

If your K40 is not equipped with a motorized bed, it is absolutely necessary to deactivate the homing by following the instructions in the same article (Z-axis adjustment section)

WARNING: the 4-engine setup is a little special and requires little adaptation of the card configuration to your needs

In case of issue, please read first the troubleshooting post : Link to post
And to the upgrade your shield one : Link to post

Take the time to follow each of these steps to make sure you don’t damage your machine or the shield!

Thank you again!

Discord: Avataar120#7932